"Christ died  for our sins  according to the Scriptures,"



Its amazing the things we do not appreciate, until we lose it.

Ever since lockdown started in South Africa in 2020, we began to value things we take for granted. Going to the store at any time, knowing that some convenient stores are open 24 hours a day. Now it has been restricted. Visiting friends and family became a luxury not all of us had. Attending a church service, is highly regulated now. Yet even our theology has either been rectified, or rather became real, because we were forced to rethink our stance. Allow me to share a few theological realities that were highlighted in my life.


We preach, teach, and believe that the building is not the church. We as born-again believers are the church. Whether we are gathered or not, we remain the church of Jesus Christ. We understand the importance of gathering as believers, when we could not gather in our normal place of worship, we struggled for a while.


I heard a few weeks ago, pastors voicing their concern that government closed the churches again, making worshipping God illegal. Yet we understand that all gatherings were stopped. If our understanding of worship is what we do at church on a Sunday morning, our theology was again corrected. Worship is not an event; it is a lifestyle. If the only worship we do, is in church, maybe we are environmental Christians. Those who only worship when they in the church building, when the music is good, and the worship leader is on fire. Maybe we do not know God, because worshipping God does not require music, buildings, or crowds. God is not limited to time nor space, so worship happens anywhere and anytime.

End times

This pandemic and all the events connected to it, sparked a focus on the End time Studies, eschatology. People started seeing and identifying the signs of the times and phrases like, “ONE WORLD ORDER”, “ONE WORLD CURRENCY” (crypto) made Christians nervous. Global pandemic and global vaccination depict images from End Time movies and books. I do believe that we are closer today to the 2nd Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ than yesterday. The reality of His coming should spark an urgency in every believer to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yet we spend so much time and energy, to interpret the times, or to be the 1st to get revelation of the times, debating whether the vaccine is the Mark of the Beast, or not. We should be more concerned about souls, dying without Jesus. Believing that no prophecy must still be fulfilled before the Rapture occurs, He can come at any time, let us be ready and working until he comes.

Soli Deo Gloria



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