"Christ died  for our sins  according to the Scriptures,"

Our Vision

To obediently, faithfully, sacrificially and loyally participate in God’s mission by making Him known to all nations and peoples through Jesus Christ, so that all nations and peoples, and all of creation, will be restored to His kingdom, “to the praise of His glory” and for “our glory and joy.”

Our Mission

To proclaim the self-revelation of God through Jesus Christ and His kingdom as the only hope for our world, while demonstrating in our daily living how this hope has changed us, and why it inspires us to participate in God’s mission.

To cross every human and earthly barrier, to challenge and overcome every sin and evil in our world, be it injustice, poverty, racial, social, cultural, sexual, economical, political, philosophical and ideological, through the power of the Holy Spirit, in obedience to God’s mission.

To gather together, organize, equip and mobilize all who respond positively to the good news of Jesus Christ into physical, visible, geographical churches to partner us in God’s mission.

To partner, support, develop and help our member churches into becoming viable, dynamic and life-changing witnesses to God’s mission.

 To ensure that each of our member churches will provide Christlike communities on earth in which its members and all people can find love, justice, righteousness, forgiveness, solidarity, care, refuge, security, peace and hope in accordance with God’s mission.

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